stand-out-1024x884_FotorTalent is the fuel that keeps the content engine turning. Are you reaching your full potential? Are you hitting peak performance each time you perform? Do you have a personal brand that makes you stand out from everyone else who’s after the same jobs that you are?

You deserve to be the centre of attention, let us help put you there.

The world’s best athletes, actors, writers, sportspeople, presenters and businesspeople all have at least once coach, manager or mentor. You should have one too, that’s where we can help.

We offer coaching and management to presenters and performers. No matter what you do we’ll give you a plan that will improve your act, increase your visibility and put you in a better position when it comes to landing the next gig. If you’re a radio presenter after a better show, a comedian looking to break through to bigger gigs or a voice over wanting to be the sound of more interesting things we can help.

To quote a breakfast show presenter on a major station recently “One set of notes from you was more use than all the notes my boss, my bosses boss and their boss combined have sent to me in the past twelve months”.

We understand each talent is unique so we’ll come up with a plan that’s right for you.

Further, you might not see yourself as a performer. Maybe you regularly have to give presentations or you have a fear of public speaking. We can help by giving you the skills and tools so you will look forward to getting up and talking and impressing any audience you want.

Helping you attain success through standing out is our mission.

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