Is social media mass media?


This made me think:

Last night one of my tweets was retweeted by someone who has one million followers on Twitter.

So how many people do you think saw the tweet? And how many people clicked the link in the tweet?

Obviously the tweet was seen by fewer than all the one million followers. According to Twitter analytics the tweet was seen by 25,500 people. That’s means the tweet reached only 2.55% of everyone who could have seen it.

And the link inside the tweet? It was clicked on by … wait for it … 231 people. So less than one percent of everyone who saw the tweet went further than just reading it – a minuscule 0.023% of all those million followers.

Hardly a mass market reach is it?

About the Author: Euan

With over 20 years media experience, Euan McMorrow is a multi award winning radio programmer with a track record in boosting radio station ratings and nurturing talent on to bigger and better things.

Known for his creativity and no-nonsense style he’s also deeply experienced in branding, product launches, new media, PR, stunts and coaching.

Many of his ideas and presenters he’s worked with can be heard on radio stations all around the world.