Great bit of radio from Kyle and Jackie O


Have a look at the video below which shows Kyle and Jackie O on Kiis 106.5 doing what they call a Surprise Giveback.

It’s beautifully simple and moving too. Underneath the video I’ve made some notes as to why I feel it works well.

So why does it work well?

1. It’s a story. Beginning (son dies), middle (struggle) and end (giveaway). Stories win, period.

2. Jackie certainly has prepped well for this. She leads it confidently and knows exactly what she’s going to say.

3. Kyle sits back and lets Jackie tell the story. He doesn’t feel the need to jump in and comment after every line.

4. Sadness is an underused emotion in radio. Yes you don’t want to be the miserable show but using it sparingly at the right times makes it a surprise and makes you pay attention.

5. It’s all true and honest. There’s a true story at the heart of it, Jackie’s emotional reaction is genuine and Kyle’s empathy seems real too.

6. It’s really, really, really simple. Every step of the way it’s really clear what is going on. There’s no attempt to be clever and no attempt to over hype the story.

7. At the end Kyle appears to realise that the woman isn’t going to be able to say too much. He says it all for her. Usually it’s best to let the caller speak but when someone is this emotional it can look tacky and exploitative if you keep asking “how do you feel”. She says just enough.

Finally, it’s nothing to do with the audio part of it but a really nice touch recording the video  in the car.

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