A couple of listening recommendations if you’re interested in media

hqdefault_FotorHere’s a couple of listening recommendations for people who like their media.

First up is a programme from Radio 5 Live in which reporter Nick Garnett talks about the stories he covered around the world in 2015. He goes into great detail about the technology he used to bring listeners closer than ever to the story and demonstrated how with just an iPhone for company he could send back dramatic audio from wherever he was.

Listen to Reporting the Inside Story here

Next up is from PM from Radio 4. In this except two survivors of last year’s terrorist attack on a Tunisian beach relive their experiences. It’s a fascinating listen but what struck me was the unique experience you get from listening to it on the radio. Firstly I don’t know any TV programme that would devote this amount of time to the feature. Even if a TV programme did this it would intersperse the audio with pictures from the event. On radio the pictures are all in your head and more powerful for it.

If this feature had appeared in print or online the journalists words and opinions would cloud the pictures you create in your mind.

Listen to the feature here

About the Author: Euan

With over 20 years media experience, Euan McMorrow is a multi award winning radio programmer with a track record in boosting radio station ratings and nurturing talent on to bigger and better things.

Known for his creativity and no-nonsense style he’s also deeply experienced in branding, product launches, new media, PR, stunts and coaching.

Many of his ideas and presenters he’s worked with can be heard on radio stations all around the world.