The challenges facing Radio 1

logo-bbc-radio-1Have a read of this excellent opinion piece from Record of the Day about the challenges facing the new Head of Music at Radio 1.

It says a lot about the current situation the station finds itself in and says it better than I can.

Two big themes in the piece stand out for me. Firstly Radio 1 seems obsessed with visualising radio. Doing things just for YouTube or iPlayer. They would say they are trying to be a distinctive radio station but the danger is they become an indistinct video content generator. There are thousands of those already and it’s a hard place to stand out.

The second is the reason they are trying to be different. The decline in younger audiences listening to the radio. However, as we’ll see when RAJAR publishes its latest ratings this week, this is a problem that affects the BBC more than commercial radio.

Maybe Radio 1 doesn’t have a younger listener problem. Maybe it’s a Radio 1 problem.

About the Author: Euan

With over 20 years media experience, Euan McMorrow is a multi award winning radio programmer with a track record in boosting radio station ratings and nurturing talent on to bigger and better things.

Known for his creativity and no-nonsense style he’s also deeply experienced in branding, product launches, new media, PR, stunts and coaching.

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