Monthly Archives: March 2016

BBC Local Radio Should Learn From The Best

With BBC Local Radio making the headlines this morning I decided to listen to the local BBC station where I am. In 20 minutes they covered the breaking news of explosions at Brussels airport, what do you buy the Queen for her birthday and the debate over men’s and women’s tennis. All content that Radio […]

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What’s gone wrong with Serial?

I saw a social media update yesterday saying the new episode of Serial was coming soon. I didn’t care, I haven’t listened for weeks. What a change from the first season. Personally I couldn’t wait for each fresh episode. People were talking about Serial as the podcast that would make podcasts mainstream. The internet was […]

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Video Hailed The Radio Star

Doing some video to promote a radio show isn’t easy. It isn’t always the right thing to do either. Giving people something great to watch isn’t necessarily a great incentive to listen to something. However there are lots of reasons for doing video. It gets shared much more than audio on social media. It’s a great […]

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