Monthly Archives: January 2016

The challenges facing Radio 1

Have a read of this excellent opinion piece from Record of the Day about the challenges facing the new Head of Music at Radio 1. It says a lot about the current situation the station finds itself in and says it better than I can. Two big themes in the piece stand out for me. […]

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Twitter in Trouble: A Readling List

There’s a lot of talk just now about the trouble that Twitter has found itself in. I’ve pulled together some articles which provide the full picture. The first one pulls together the main worries. Lack of leadership, slow growth and pressure from investors. The second article suggests that far from growing slowly the use of […]

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My favourite Terry Wogan story

  Following the death of Terry Wogan there’s a flood of tributes to the man. It shows the warmth that can be generated through radio. I thought I’d share my favourite Wogan story. One I was told in the early 2000s. Terry would go home (or to the golf course) shortly after his show finished. […]

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