Monthly Archives: April 2015

Working on an exciting new channel…

I’ve been working for the past six months on a brand new radio channel. Not only the launch of something new but the launch of something different. Reach 365 is designed for all of Openreach’s employees across the UK. The tech behind it is astounding, enabling the channel to be heard by everyone no matter […]

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Wanted: Sports presenter

I’m looking for a radio presenter who loves their sport. Someone who knows about more sports than just football. You have to be knowledgable but also passionate and able to talk about sport like a fan not a pundit. It’s for a regular position based in Newbury, Berkshire. Interested? Contact me using the form below. (closing […]

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The Secret of Success

I spend a lot of time thinking about what makes content, talent and ideas become successful. I mean properly successful, not just okay or very good. I mean game changing successful, the kind of success that brings a lot of fortune and inspires a host of imitators. This picture sums up the answer better than […]

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